Trump Gets Predicted Win in Nevada

iVoteAmerica Donald Trump BWBlink and you missed it. The Nevada Republican Caucuses came and went in the same fashion that Las Vegas takes money from gamblers.

Donald Trump, the bombastic and often crude but successful real estate tycoon spanked his closest contenders by posting a whopping 45.9% victory.

According to the Associated Press the votes placed Marco Rubio in second place with just 23.9% of the vote, followed by Ted Cruz with 21.4%. As of caucus night and the evident strength of Trump, nether Ben Carson (4.8%) or John Kasich (3.6%) indicated a suspension of their campaigns.

iVoteAmerica remains concerned, if not altogether skeptical, about Donald Trumps leadership characteristics.

Despite growing conservative apprehensions about what a Trump presidency might look like, we are beginning to see and hear the sounds of early acceptance.

Barring a roll-up of the supporter of Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Kasich, Trump may well run the table.

By mid-March, we predict closure, then consternation and finally, consolidation behind a candidate.

Don’t touch that remote! But, you may watch the video below.


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