The Trump Connection

iVoteNevada Trump HotelDonald Trump has deep connection to Nevada. There is a shared commitment to real estate investments, hotels, casinos and the hospitality industry in general.

Trump’s campaign will resonate in Nevada. Never mind his strident, take-no-prisoners personality.

As a developer, the Trump brand carries a predictable percentage of support from the electorate. His support is as broad as the hospitality industry itself. He knows… he is known… that means something.

Despite the Donald’s persona and his 1% economic status, blue collar voters believe in him, not because they know him deeply but because they know his work and his work creates jobs for families and opportunities in the construction and hotel industries.

Success does matter in elections. Mitt Romney could not leverage his wealth and accomplishments, Donald Trump has mastered the art. The difference is found in the way in which Trump plays on his notoriety and its obvious compelling success.

In the Nevada Republican primary chefs, cab drivers, carpenters, bartenders, mechanics and black jack dealers will vote for Trump. But so will corporate executives, bank vice presidents, lawyers and all the other hotel magnates throughout Nevada.

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