iVoteNevada Endorses Ted Cruz

cruz-24-138Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell thrice lied to his face. Ted Cruz went public with the lie, insisting by his action that our leaders be honest in their dealings.

Promise Keeper

Cruz has been a promise-keeper and a truth-teller. His principled approach to governing is matched by his actions.

Whether it was his courageous stand against Obamacare or his opposition to the plethora of other unconstitutional actions taken by President Obama, he is by all measure a constitutional patriot, one we can count on.

Indeed, principles matter to the Senator from Texas. This is, of course, the problem with Ted Cruz, according to the mainstream, left-leaning media and the Washington elite. He has been vilified and trashed by the Speaker of the House, labeled and libeled. The media have mocked and marginalized Ted Cruz, yet his principled approach has proven reliable to voters.

Cruz has not flinched under the constant pressure of Washington’s RINO infested cartel.

Finally, a Constitutional Conservative

In the spirit of Buckley, Friedman, Reagan and Levin, Cruz is the strongest constitutional conservative in the field of Republican candidates. He meets or exceeds the tenets of the iVoteAmerica Creed.

While many Republicans lied to their constituencies to get elected Cruz did not back down in his stance again Obamacare and President Obama’s unconstitutional (now struck down by the courts) amnesty fiat.

We believe Cruz will be the leader of the next generation of truly constitutional conservatives and we endorse him because of his unflinching adherence to our constitution and his insistence that government be held in check by the rule of law.

As our President, Ted Cruz will insist on building the new generation of conservatives that will restore the promise of America.

When Faith Matters

iVoteAmerica Ted Cruz EndorsementThe fickle utilitarian declarations of faith so often apparent during campaigns are often nothing more than hypocrisy in motion.

Faith does matter to the next generation of conservatives because we know our Judeo-Christian heritage is under attack and with it the guiding principles that have made America great.

Faith matters during this time of global conflict. Radical Islamic terrorism is predicated on a distorted faith that seeks to replace our western values with its absolute insistence that all people of the world consent to the Muslim doctrines.

Faith matters in the decision-making process of every leader. Man is not autonomous and our government should not be gutted and devoid of all forms of faith.

History demonstrates when secular man is left to his nature he attempts to create his own universe where the central values are often generated by to voices of secular humanism. Secular man lives in a bubble where the existence and concept of God is forced to obits around man and his ego.

The concept of absolutes is colliding with secular relativism creating a nation where many actually believe their rights come from government, rather than the Creator. We must remind ourselves that if our unalienable rights are granted by government, government can then retract and redefine those rights.

Faith matters.

The Next Generation of Conservatives

ted-cruz-logo-blueiVoteAmerica endorses Ted Cruz for President of the United States because he best emulates the qualities of leadership, faith and constitutional adherence necessary for the next generation of conservatives.

For Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y, and the Millennials, Cruz can consolidate the scattered particles of discontent within the Republican Party.

Yes, McConnell, McCain and others who have proven themselves detractors will have to be replaced or adjust their positions to accommodate the rise of conservatism that Cruz promises.

The stakes are incredibly high for the current and next generation of conservatives. America is just a step or two away from the unbridled tyranny of the socialist agenda. Those who would rely upon the state to sustain them will find this cruel master has no friends and takes no prisoners.

When we examine the shift of national debt and societal obligations to the middle class, the potential outcome is frightening. We could find ourselves living in a nation where dependency and debt enslave every man, woman, boy, girl and newborn. Starting life $55,000 in debt is itself a sin against liberty and a form of servitude that reduces our authenticity and individualism to ruin.

iVoteAmerica is joining the battle for our children, grandchildren and all future generations. We endorse Ted Cruz for President because his core values are principled and his faith in God and country are strong enough to guide him.

We urge all primary, caucus and general election voters to elect Ted Cruz for President of the United States in 2016.

Download the iVoteAmerica Network Creed.

Download “5 for Freedom” by Ted Cruz

Visit the Cruz website.

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