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It’s over! Almost as soon as it started, it ended. The Nevada DNC has dumped its plan to implement a new digital caucus in Nevada.

After observing the fiasco in Iowa, Nevada Democrats made the decision to revert to the world’s oldest form of recordation, paper, and ink!

My previous article, Nevada Dems to Caucus Digitally (August 15, 2019) laid out the strategy adopted by the Nevada DNC to switch to the latest technology as a means to making the caucus process more accessible and inclusive to voters.

BOOM! Down came the APP in Iowa, causing DNC officials and the App Developer national heartburn and embarrassment. Some called for heads to roll, including that of Tom Perez, DNC Chair. Truly, Iowa Democrat officials came out of the Iowa Caucus with a lot of rotten egg on their faces.

Back to paper…that’s the new outcry. The Nevada DNC made the official announcement of their new model would actually be the old model. Having observed the Iowa disaster, Nevada back-tracked on their earlier decision to use the same application used in the Iowa Caucus.

Nevada officially terminated its business relationship with Shadow Inc., the creator of the $58,000 application that failed to hold up to the rigorous demands of the Iowa caucus.

The decision to use a paper ballot for caucus voting means that voters will once again be required to travel on one of Nevada’s 80 voting sites. DNC of Nevada distributed a 3-PAGE memorandum explaining the decision and the voting and ballot management process…DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Decisions to explore technology solutions designed to increase participation in the voting process, while admirable, remain fraught with operation and security issues.

Surprisingly, Nevada voters seem unphased by the decision to dump the idea of a digital caucus, leading me to believe the implementation was a product of the Nevada DNC and was not a market-driven event.

Want to know where to vote in the Nevada Caucus? Here is a complete list of Nevada voting locations and some early voting instructions from the Nevada Secretary of State.

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