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Political endorsements from newspapers, magazines, and radio and television networks are no new phenomenon. Endorsements are here to stay, like them or not. Most media outlets today criticize companies and corporations that back candidates, while they, playing the hypocrite, grant to themselves the high privilege they deny to others.

I’m skeptical of the power and reach of such endorsements. With a few exceptions, most media outlets are jammed full of liberal democrats. The endorsements are predictable, and boring, actually. We know the who, what, and he why of media endorsements. We can rest assured pro-life candidates and conservatives who believe in an America-first agenda are at, or near, the bottom of the editorial staff’s list of acceptable endorsements.

This year the Las Vegas Weekly (“LVW”)” has done us a favor. They issued a double-endorsement for the Democratic nomination for President of the U.S.

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the LVW ran a cryptic piece authored by someone called the Las Vegas Weekly Staff, whoever that amalgamation is, entitled “Our 2020 Nevada Caucus Endorsement: Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden.”

The endorsement is revelatory and gives us a glimpse inside the conference room discussion that must surely have taken place. A double-endorsement is a protected position. Biden and Klobuchar are touted as moderates in the field of lunatics that include Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. If statistical averages mean anything, Joe or Amy alone would have been a safe bet…it’s 40% of the remaining field.

No one can fault a group of editorial staffers for playing it safe by endorsing the least radical of the crop of DNC candidates. Oddly, Pete Buttigieg is absent from endorsement…no comment…the staff explains him later. By means of its strategically calculated dual endorsement, LVW has created the editorial cover, not to mention potting soil for the three or four additional spinoff articles they can extrapolate no matter the outcome. They can cover Mayor Pete in a stand-alone piece with large play to the Las Vegas entertainment community since Kevin Costner has led the way with his own endorsement of the Indiana Mayor.

LVW’s clever endorsement gives them a wide literary berth. But there is more! The Weekly tells us flat-out and full-on its motivation for their dual endorsement of Biden and Klobuchar, stating, “Democrats see an urgent need to defeat Donald Trump and save our nation from an autocrat…we agree…” So there you have it. LVW joins with the Democrats in a grand effort to rid the nation Of Donald J. Trump, autocrat.

Amy: Return us to our Finest America

The “Las Vegas Weekly Staff” says they interviewed Klobuchar and her style, thinking, 14 years of experience, and her rational leadership that won’t willy-nilly grant free college and global medicare to all Americans. I agree, oddly, with the Staff’s thinking. Amy Klobuchar is politically cautious.

To further bolster the endorsement rationale LVW actually says they admire her for her focus on the middle class, whoever that is. Her immigration policies and ability to design “smart policies” (as opposed, I guess, to the normal DC dribble) make her somehow enormously appealing, according to the Las Vegas Weekly Staff.

Never mind that Amy Klobuchar has done zero to reform our Swiss Cheeze immigration laws during her “14 years.” Oh well, skip all that negative and counterproductive nonsense, the Weekly tells us with authority, “The bottom line with Klobuchar: She possesses both the appetite and ability to return us to our finest America. We have no doubt that she is a unity candidate for the Democrats.”

Don’t laugh, the guys and gals that make up the Las Vegas Weekly Staff know of what they speak! So sit up and pay attention, then go vote, as instructed.

Joe: He has a Suite of Effective Policies

Despite what we know to the contrary, and the fact that Joe Biden just got his ass kicked in Iowa (finishing 3rd) and New Hampshire (finishing 5th), the LVW calls Joe Biden its “co-endorsement.” Impressive. I don’t know a single politician who wants to be a “co” anything! Elections are a tragic and lonely solo sport.

Nonetheless, based upon something LVW labels his “Suite of Effective Policies,” Joe’s their guy!  Then they make this bold statement about Joe Biden’s capabilities, saying he can “offer a clear vision for America, his support among a broad coalition of voters and his ability to pull together a high-functioning leadership team that can guide this nation back to stability and respect.”

Is this the admitted plagiarist we all know? The crude and crass hair sniffing, groping, mumbling, bumbling, story-telling liar that built his career on the public defamation of Justice Clarence Thomas?  Yes, it’s him, he’s LVW’s co-endorsed candidate for President of the United States.

But wait, the Las Vegas Weekly Staff, tells us that Joe is a victim. None of his ugly public images is his fault because “…the GOP’s corrupt attempts to dirty up the former vice president (to Republicans’ enduring shame), he has opened himself to public scrutiny throughout his five-decade career in office and faced the criticisms that unfailingly come with it.”  You didn’t know it until now, but Joe Biden is a hero who has endured the hardships of public service and sacrifice. Joe Biden is a man who “struggles to express” his vision of America to voters. Maybe, just maybe there isn’t a vision of America within Joe Biden, at least one the electorate shares…just maybe.

LVW: Insulting its Own Intelligence

Catching themselves in a supreme act of wreckless emotional blurting, the LVW acquits itself by letting the reader know they don’t, “…agree with everything he has done.” Excuse me, if I just step outside to vomit.

After all this, I’m still digging around in Google looking for Joe Biden’s “suite of effective policies.”  Go ahead, Google it, you’ll be surprised at the results. I’m foraging through aged Congressional records in search of Amy Klobuchar’s actions to fix immigration and healthcare for the working class.  Knock yourself out.

Certainly, if the media wants to endorse a candidate or co-endorse a kaleidoscope of politicians, have at it. When a respected group like the Las Vegas Weekly decides to recommended a candidate to voters, give us facts, give us the alternative positions. Otherwise, once again, the endorsement is going to be shot down in a fashion worthy of its fickle substance.

Granted the LVW can write or speak in any manner it so pleases. This is America, still.

I’m reminded of William F. Buckley’s statement, “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”

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