Carson – the City and the Man

iVoteAmerica Ben CarsonNo, Dr. Ben Carson will not secure the GOP nomination for President of the United States.

Carson finished last in the 2016 South Carolina primary. His presence, however, among conservatives and some evangelicals remains respectful and appreciative.

Let’s remind ourselves of who Ben Carson is. Dr. Carson is the man who publicly defied President Obama’s health care legislation at a prayer breakfast. It was an in-your-face moment as Carson does what he does best, truth telling.

From that moment forward, America began a journey to discover the qualities of this deliberative, intelligent and humble man.

Carson is a city in Nevada. Carson, a community of approximately 55,000 people, is also the capitol of Nevada… who would know? It’s a mostly unknown fact and similar to the the trek of one Dr. Ben Carson and his ascendancy to the top of Republican politics.

Benjamin Solomon Carson is a man whose journey from the city of Detroit to Yale University and the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Carson ultimately rose to the position of Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, where his renown work was the separation of separating conjoined twins and he developed a hemispherectomy technique for controlling seizures. He retired in 2013.

No, Ben Carson will not be the Republican nominee for President but iVoteNevada should and does hail this uniquely gifted man for his incredible life and campaign, both characterized by the highest degree of integrity.

The future is just beginning for this great man.

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