Bush Out – Rubio Rolls

iVoteNevada Marco RubioImmediately following the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, stepped to the microphone and announced he was packing up his tent and suspending his dynasty campaign.

Marco Rubio, barely finished in 2nd place to the commanding lead of Donald Trump. iVoteNevada is surprised and both the Bush campaign suspension and the Rubio finish in South Carolina.

We now suspect a mad dash by Rubio to gather up the Bush supporters, not to mention the Bush money machine.

Nevada will be another critical piece of this season primary. It’s appearing more likely that Trump will be strong in Nevada. The question remaining to be answered is whether Ted Cruz can muster a ground game in Nevada and finish ahead of Rubio.

The March primaries will be the watershed for Rubio and Cruz as the consolidation of voters becomes more inevitable. It is unlikely Ben Carson and John Kasich can prevail.

iVoteNevada has endorsed Ted Cruz for President and the challenge to constitutional conservatives is going to be stopping the Rubio surge.

Trump will undoubtedly be strong in Nevada via his connections to real estate, gaming and the hospitality industry.

March, 2016 will be the final race for the nomination.

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