iVoteAmerica Donald Trump BW

Trump Gets Predicted Win in Nevada

Blink and you missed it. The Nevada Republican Caucuses came and went in the same fashion that Las Vegas takes money from gamblers. Donald Trump, the bombastic and often crude but successful real estate tycoon spanked his closest contenders by posting a whopping 45.9% victory. According to the Associated Press the votes placed Marco Rubio […]

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iVoteAmerica Mark Levin

Ripping Through Plunder & Deceit

Mark Levin continues to occupy a space like no other constitutional patriot in modern time. His latest best seller, “Plunder and Deceit” creates for us an historical demarcation point in a post constitutional America that cannot be ignored. It is a prophetic final call or, God forbid, the final curtain. Levin refers to his topics […]

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iVoteNevada Trump Hotel

The Trump Connection

Donald Trump has deep connection to Nevada. There is a shared commitment to real estate investments, hotels, casinos and the hospitality industry in general. Trump’s campaign will resonate in Nevada. Never mind his strident, take-no-prisoners personality. As a developer, the Trump brand carries a predictable percentage of support from the electorate. His support is as […]

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iVoteNevada Marco Rubio

Bush Out – Rubio Rolls

Immediately following the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, stepped to the microphone and announced he was packing up his tent and suspending his dynasty campaign. Marco Rubio, barely finished in 2nd place to the commanding lead of Donald Trump. iVoteNevada is surprised and both the Bush campaign suspension and the […]

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iVoteAmerica Ben Carson

Carson – the City and the Man

No, Dr. Ben Carson will not secure the GOP nomination for President of the United States. Carson finished last in the 2016 South Carolina primary. His presence, however, among conservatives and some evangelicals remains respectful and appreciative. Let’s remind ourselves of who Ben Carson is. Dr. Carson is the man who publicly defied President Obama’s […]

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iVoteAmerica - Right of the People

Replacing the Government

We Advocate replacing the Government. This sounds absurd, yet this right is advocated in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. The Founders thought of this right in terms of a principle emanating from “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” It is akin to our unalienable rights bestow by the Creator, meaning, […]

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iVoteAmerica crying girl

Apologizing to My Daughter

Few things are as demanding and painful than admitting my faults, especially to my daughter. After all, a father supposed to be some sort of hero to his daughter. A father is someone to whom a daughter can look to for a sense of immediate security and future stability. To us at iVoteAmerica, and of […]

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iVoteAmerica Donald Trump

Trump Gets Thumped in Iowa

Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus! The top three Republican contenders each engaged their teams at post election gatherings. The three were a study in contrast. Trump’s brevity was notable as he told Iowans he loved them and might come back to Iowa and buy a farm. Trump exhibited no statesmanship. There were no […]

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iVoteAmerica Antonin Scalia

Scalia’s Passing Creates Vacuum

News of the passing of America’s supreme constitutional jurist, Antonin Gregory Scalia, shocked conservatives and created a constitutional vacuum. His passing leaves a gaping wound in a court already being bled of its historical connection to originalist interpretation. Justice Scalia once said, “My burden is not to show that originalism is perfect, but that it […]

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