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iVoteAmerica Donald Trump BWLas Vegas, NV Feb. 22, 2016. TRUMP WINS CAUCUS... Once again, the front runner has defied his skeptics and secured the number one position in the Nevada Republican Caucus. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz finished second and third, respectively. The three-way cage fight now moves into the SEC primary states. The biggest question of the moment is whether there will be an attempted roll-up of the remaining candidates in a last ditch effort to stop the Trump train before it arrives at the nomination station. Read the full story...


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iVoteNevada Trump Hotel

The Trump Connection

Donald Trump has deep connection to Nevada. There is a shared commitment to real estate investments, hotels, casinos and the ...
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iVoteAmerica Ted Cruz

iVoteNevada Endorses Ted Cruz

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell thrice lied to his face. Ted Cruz went public with the lie, insisting by his ...
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iVoteNevada Marco Rubio

Bush Out – Rubio Rolls

Immediately following the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, stepped to the microphone and announced he ...
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iVoteAmerica Ben Carson

Carson – the City and the Man

No, Dr. Ben Carson will not secure the GOP nomination for President of the United States. Carson finished last in ...
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Book review of Levin's Liberty Amendments.




iVoteAmerica Donald Trump BW

Trump Gets Predicted Win in Nevada

Blink and you missed it. The Nevada Republican Caucuses came and went in the same fashion that Las Vegas takes money from gamblers. Donald Trump, the bombastic and often crude ...
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iVoteAmerica Mark Levin

Ripping Through Plunder & Deceit

Mark Levin continues to occupy a space like no other constitutional patriot in modern time. His latest best seller, "Plunder and Deceit" creates for us an historical demarcation point in ...
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iVoteAmerica - Right of the People

Replacing the Government

We Advocate replacing the Government. This sounds absurd, yet this right is advocated in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. The Founders thought of this right in terms ...
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iVoteAmerica crying girl

Apologizing to My Daughter

Few things are as demanding and painful than admitting my faults, especially to my daughter. After all, a father supposed to be some sort of hero to his daughter. A ...
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